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James C. Ryan

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My diverse business and personal life have provided me with an array of experiences that I now bring to my writings, in short story and poetry and travel reviews. I hope you will find a sense of peace and serenity as you read my stories and adventures. My Poetry focuses on the themes of selfishness, self-centeredness, arrogance and despair, but more importantly forgiveness, reconciliation, hope and most important redemption. My series of short stories center on a central character, James (Yes, he is named after me) a middle-aged man dealing with the ups and downs of his life. Follow him as he makes his way through the complications and triumphs of everyday living.

My adventure travels as well as samples of my poetry and short stories will be highlighted on my blog. I will be sharing with you my experiences as I travel the world. I will rate the places I visit, the locations that I eat at and the hotels that I sleep in. My reviews of both minor league and major league baseball stadiums are there too!

My past life was a seasoned veteran in consumer products sales and sales management. Extensive budgeting and management experience both in the North American and European markets. Goal oriented with time bound, specific measurable objectives. A desire to achieve excellence in all areas. Experienced in all phases of new business startup from incorporation through new product launch and sales distribution. Strategic thinking coupled with the ability to think and act tactically to ensure full attainment of plans and objectives. Sales driven with a constant eye on bottom line profitability.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1961 and currently reside in St. Paul, Minnesota.  In addition to travel, baseball and writing, my past times include playing music, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles!

Drink Till I Can’t

Nobody Cares

I Ask Myself, Is It Fair?

- James C. Ryan

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