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Pandemic…Pastime and Peace Of Mind

The year 2020 started like many others. Resolution made, life plans made such as weddings, birthdays, family vacations and other special events. Anticipation of a prosperous year loomed large in our lives. Then early 2020 came in with a roar. The recently unheard of Covid 19 virus was just words to all of us. Quickly this changed as words turned to daily statistics, then to reality as we all became touched by this new nemesis. We either contracted the disease, knew someone who did, or even worse, knew someone who died from its complications. We read daily statistics about something we could not see or comprehend. This was frightening to me, but not something that was altogether new to me. Deep in my memory the thoughts of the Vietnam War started creeping back in. Having come to age in the 1960’s and 1970’s this was reminiscent of my early years watching the TV news every night and learning of the daily casualty statistics from the war. Again, something I could not see or comprehend. The death toll from each of these events were put out daily and were followed closely. Life had changed for all of us then and now.

One less important casualty of Covid was the suspension of fan participation in Major League Baseball and the complete cancellation of Minor League Baseball in 2020. While we searched for some normalcy in our lives, the most normal part of our life, baseball, was taken from us. Fans of the game were relegated to watching on TV with no fans in the ball parks. It was baseball, but it was different. How could an unseen foe deprive us of the basic desire to watch the game of our youth? Easy….it was deadly. So we persevered and did what was asked of us. In our vocabulary now was, social distancing, so we practiced it. We were asked to wear a face mask. So we did. Hand sanitizer was, and still is everywhere. We isolated with the hope that the disease would be eradicated and everyday life would return. However, it just continued on throughout 2020 and into 2021.

As 2021 progressed, more and more people were being vaccinated and the Covid protocols were easing. It was announced that baseball was back and fans were allowed to attend games. Minor League Baseball was back as well. Peace Of Mind was returning. While it might seem strange to some people, to me, having baseball back in its true form, with fans, provides me with a sense of security. The world is OK to me when I can go to an afternoon ballgame at the ball park. Bright sun shining down on me. A nice warm pretzel with a cool drink! Perfect. As the spring progressed and more fans were allowed at ball games my Peace Of Mind increased. We were not back to “normal” yet, but I was feeling so much better as I planned out what games I wanted to attend.

The pandemic was losing its grip on us. Our pastime was back in full force. My Peace Of Mind was coming back.

Thank you, baseball.

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